Anchorage Station: A large orbital space port named after the Anchorage observatory which first detected the Xin entering our Solar System in 2264. Anchorage Station also serves as the headquarters for the Colonial Space Fleet and Earth's space traffic control. 

Android: Also known as "Andies", "Droids", and "Skin Jobs". A common term used for robots or artificial lifeforms which are designed to resemble and behave like humans or humanoid races.

Arcodyne Industries: A off-world corporation founded by Texamar Wolf in the Vega System which is involved in space exploration and aerospace technology.

Big Grey: Also known as the Grey 3000. A intuitive artificial intelligence computer core integrated into all Colonial Space Fleet starships. "Big Grey" is a nick name derived from the system's model name, color, and manufacturer Grey Robotics.

Biomechanoid: A term used to describe a biologically engineered cybernetic organism which is composed of both biological and technological components. 

Black Fleet: Founded in 2385 by former Space Fleet Captain Langrey Moore the Black Fleet is the most powerful and brazen  of the Khalastan Pirate organizations.

Black Rock Colony: An off-world human colony established in the Vega System by the Isogen Corporation. 

Blaster: A commonly used generic term, although sometimes inclusively inaccurate, for directed energy weapons such as lasers and disruptors. The term, much like "gun", tends to stick with any weapon that appears to emit a blast of energy regardless of its type.

Brynd: An aggressive race of reptilian humanoids who are often hired as enforcers, mercenaries, and assassins.

Capacitor Shield: Also known as a "Cap Field" or  "Null Field". A capacitor shield is a type of energy absorbing, force field used to protect a spacecraft or structure from damage or attack. Considerably more powerful than repulsor shield technology, the capacitor shield actually absorbs energy and redistributes it across the  surface of the field. Like in other types of capacitors, the absorbed energy is stored and must eventually be discharged or risk an overload. An overload of a capacitor shield can be catastrophic as it will violently explode releasing its stored energy both inward and outward from the field. Capacitor shield technology was introduced to Earth by the Xin,  is considered to be cutting edge technology, and requires special training to operate safely.   

Celestial Pilgrims: A monastic style religious order which embraces all spiritual faiths and encourages its followers to seek out personal enlightenment among the stars.

C.O.: Commanding Officer: In the Colonial Space Fleet the Command Officer is the Captain or the highest ranking officer in command of a base, space station, or spacecraft.

Colonial Rangers: Also Known As "Rangers", "Colony Cops", "CR's" or "The Fed". The Colonial Rangers  are  an  interstellar law enforcement and regulatory agency of the United Colonial Alliance.

C.T.G.: The Centauran Trade Guild (C.T.G.) is a interstellar trade and commerce organization founded on the Centauran Colony.

C.S.F.: The Colonial Space Fleet, also referred to as "Space Fleet", is the interstellar military service of the United Colonial Alliance.

Centauran Separatists: Also known simply as Separatists. A radical isolationist movement founded on the Centaurus Colony which promotes xenophobic doctrines and the segregation of aliens from human society. Some of the more extreme factions of this movement have been known to support or participate in terrorist acts against aliens residing on Earth's off-world colonies. One such extreme separatist faction known as  Prometheus Dawn was responsible for the terrorist bombing of the Xin Refugee Processing Center in Lunar orbit which resulted in the loss of over 400 lives. 

Centauran Development Corporation: Also known as C-DEV.  An Earth based mega-corporation that was founded to establish permanent off-world colonies in the Proxima and Alpha Centauri systems.

Centaurus: An off-world human colony named  for the brightest constellation in Earth's Southern Sky. Established by the Centauran Development Corporation in the Proxima Centauri star system.

Credits: The standard unit of currency for interstellar commerce among Earth and Its off-world Colonies.

Cryo-Stasis: Also known as Cryo-Sleep. A form of cryogenic based suspended animation used in space travel and medical science to protect  and preserve biological organisms through artificial hibernation.

Cydonia Point: A Colonial Space Fleet Orbital Outpost Station in orbit over the planet Mars.

Disruptor: (Weapon) A common term used to describe a directed energy particle beam weapon. Disruptors are considered cutting edge technology by Earth standards, are expensive to construct, and are extremely rare to find outside of military use.  Disruptors are available in a variety of sizes and configurations but are most commonly seen as spacecraft mounted weapons.

E.A.G.: "Electro-magnetic Accelerator Gun" (Weapon) Also known as a Rail Gun, Coil Gun, Gauss Gun, Or Mass Driver. E.A.G. is an inclusive term used to refer to any kinetic projectile weapon that uses electro-magnetic propulsion.

Edon: A highly advanced, semi-aquatic bipedal alien race from the 40 Eridani A star system in the Milkyway Galaxy. The Edon are descendants of the Rofara, a race who fled the planet Skarranis to escape a catastrophic alien plaque.

Edon Union: Democratic representative based interstellar government of the Edon.

Emergency Escape Vehicle: Also known as an E.E.V. A small one way emergency transport designed to hold three emergency life pods.

Emissary One: A spacecraft launched from the United States that carried the multinational diplomatic and scientific team to the first contact meeting with the Xin. 

Endek-Wen K'dar: "The Great War". The Xin name for the war of independence against the Shi'an Empire.  

Fen Clan: One of the five Xin clan castes created by the Shi'an. The Fen are recognizagle by their lavender colored skin.

F.T.L.: "Faster Than Light". Also referred to as super luminal travel. A term used to describe travel faster than the speed of light.

Fusion Torpedo: (Weapon) A standard ship based self-propelled guided missile weapon of the Colonial Space Fleet. Armed with a variable yield atomic fusion warhead that can be configured for either tactical or strategic detonation. 

Gao Clan: One of the five Xin clan castes created by the Shi'an. The Gao are recognizble by their pale blue colored skin and large physical size.

Grey Industries: A British corporation that manufactures advanced computer systems and robotics including the Grey 3000 computer core used in Colonial Space Fleet starships.

Groak: A peaceful amphibious frog-like humanoid race from the Andromeda Galaxy.

Haven: A rogue planet expelled from its orbit by a cataclysmic celestial event.

Hanzo Robotics: A Japanese corporation which designs and manufactures commercial, industrial, and military grade robots and androids.

Holovid: A term for a life-like three dimensional holographic video. 

Hyperspace: A dimensional space-time phenomenon "below" normal space used to facilitate interstellar travel across vast distances between two points in space. Travel via hyperspace is known as a "jump" and occurs when a starships' hyperspace jump drive creates an energy field which opens a momentary rift from normal space time into hyperspace. Like riding the inside lane of a race track, the distance between two points in hyperspace is much closer than that in normal space. Hyperspace travel is complicated and requires precise navigational calculations and timing to enter and exit hyperspace at the appropriate place. Miscalculations or  drive failure can have disasterous results which can include misjumping to the wrong location or getting stuck in the void of hyperspace itself.

Hyperspace Jump Gate: Also commonly known as Jump Gates or Hyper Gates. Originally introducted by the Edon, Hyperspace Jump Gates are devices which allow a spacecraft to enter or egress from Hyperspace without the need of a Jump Drive. Starships equipped with their own jump drives do not require the use of a Jump Gate but can conserve power and save navigation time by using a Jump Gate. These devices are usually built at established jump points where Hyperspace Rifts are easily formed.  

Hyperspace Jump Drive: Also known as a Jump Drive or Hyper Drive. A highly specialized kind of engine that generates an energy field which allows a starship to enter, travel through, and exit hyperspace. 

Interstel: An abreviated term for interstellar that is normally used in reference to interstellar travel, government, or commerce.

Interstel Compliance Certification (ICC): A regulatory certification issued by the United Colonial Alliance which allows a starship or interstellar spacecraft to operate without supervision within Colonial Space. In additional to passing thorough safety requirements an Interstel Compliance Certificate requires both the pilot and navigator of a spacecraft posses an Interstel Flight License.

Interstel Flight License: Also referred to as Intersel License or Status. A regulatory license issued by the United Colonial Alliance certifying pilots and navigators as qualified to operate  starships or spacecraft capable of interstellar flight.  Intersellar flight capable spacecraft without a licensed pilot  and navigator are not permitted to enter Colonial Space without inspection and an authorized escort.

Isogen Corporation:  An American based corporation involved in aerospace, exploration, colony building, advanced robotic technology, and interstellar propulsion systems.

Jump Illness: Also commonly known as "J.I." Jump illness is an unpredictable neuro-physiologial disorder caused by prolonged exposure to hyperspace. Symptoms range from mild illness to psychosis and even death. Mild symptoms tend to go away on their own but there is no known treatment for the illness. The two most common measures to prevent J.I. are cryo-stasis hybernation or using stutter jumping to minimize crew exposure to hyperspace to minimal durations. Shi'an and Xin are believed to be immune to Jump illness as no known cases of J.I. have ever been reported among them.  

Jump Point: A charted navigational point in normal space that is prone to distortions and instabilities that are advantageous for entering or exiting hyperspace. The use of these charted jump points significantly reduces the time required to plot a hyperspace jump between two star systems. Hyperspace Gates are often built at these locations to facilitate fast reliable entrance and egress from Hyperspace.

Kae Clan: One of the five Xin clan castes created by the Shi'an. The Kae are recognizable by their pale gray colored skin.

Khlastan Corridor: A navigation route founded by explorer Yanosh Khlastan between  Alpha Centaruri and Vega which contains several charted hyperspace jump points. 

Khlastan Pirates: A collective term used to describe several groups of ruthless interstellar criminal organizations, pirates, and smugglers operating in the Khlastan Corridor. 

Kon-da: Xin Confederation military rank similar to "Lieutenant".

Kon-ja: Xin Confederation military rank similar to "Ensign".

Kon-nar: Xin Conderation military rank similar to "General".

Kon-za: Xin Confederation military rank similar to "Commander".

Langstrom Industries: An American based corporation involved in aerospace technology, space exploration, colony building, advanced robotics, and spacecraft construction.

Laser: (Weapon) A weapon or weapons system that fires a powerful high energy beam of focused light. Laser weapons can be found in a variety of configurations ranging from small hand held pistols to massive cannons mounted on spacecraft.

Launch: (Vehicle) A small short range shuttle craft or transport.

Life Boat: (Vehicle) A large emergency shuttlecraft used to evacuate crew members from a spacecraft in the event of a critical emergency.

Life Pod: A small one person survival capsule designed to evacuate spacecraft crew in the event of a critical emergency. 

MD-M1 Disruptor: The MD-M1 (Military Disruptor Model #1)  is the standard military issue disruptor weapon issued to Colonial Space Fleet forces. The MD-M1 is a portable particle beam weapon in a heavy rifle configuration  which  can be powered by either a removable energy cell or power pack cord.

ML-M4 Laser Pistol: The ML-M4 (Military Laser Model #4) is the standard military sidearm carried by all Colonial Space Fleet forces. This well known versatile weapons system has a reputation for refinement and accuracy. The ML-M4 is powered by an removable energy cell or power pack cord attachment.

ML-M24 Laser Carbine: The ML-M24 (Military Laser Model #24) is the standard military laser carbine used by Colonial Space Fleet forces. Like the ML-M4 pistol, the ML-M24 can be powered by either a removable power cell or power pack cord attachment.

Mars Colony: A permanent underground mining colony, industrial complex, and space port established by the Isogen Corporation.

N-Space: A term used to describe normal space as observed in the known universe where the normal laws of physics apply.

Nanogen: An artificially engineered biomechanical cell that is the basis of all Shi'an bio-tech and  can be programed to  alter, replicate, or repair biological material.

Nekrosians: (Also known as Skarranids or Metakons) A race of aggressive cybernetically enhanced humanoids descended from the Rofara from 40 Eridani A Star system in the Milkyway Galaxy.

Nekronisphere: (Starship)  Massive sphere shaped titan class hybrid warships that serves as the primary interstellar spacecraft of the Nekrosians. 

Off-Worlder: A commonly used term for someone who originates from, or lives on, a planet or colony other than that of their homeworld.

Off-World Colony: A term used to describe a settlment colony established on another planet other than that of the colonist original homeworld.

Paxa Clan: One of the five Xin clan castes created by the Shi'an. The Paxa are identifiable by their white to pale yellow colored skin.

Pilgrim Ship: A commonly used term for any spacecraft operated by the Celestial Pilgrims.

Plasma Weapon:  (Weapon) A weapon or weapons system that uses high energy super heated ionized gas suspended in a contaiment field or activated from a delivery device reactor such as a torpedo warhead.

Plasma Torpedo: A clyndrical shaped guided missile weapon equipped with a weaponized plasma producing reactor within its warhead.

Polaris Station: A Colonial Space Fleet long range orbital sentry located in the Sol solar system.

Praxem: (Pronounced Prax Em) The former captial city of Ryaden before The Great War reduced the planet to a  toxic wasteland.

Prometheus Dawn: A radical terrorist organization associated with the anti-alien Separatist Movement.  

Q'alamar: Xin name for the inseperable Shi'an biotech engineering grafted into their genetic composition from conception.

Repulsor Shield: Also known as a deflector shield. Repulsor shields are a directed energy field that creates an invisible barrier that prevents or redirects other objects or forces from passing through.

Robot: A term for a mechanical or virtual agent which is either guided or autonomously controlled to perform directed tasks. 

Rofara: An ancient alien race of semi-aquatic bipedal humanoids from the planet Skarranis in 40 Eridani A star system who were the biological ancestors of the Edon and the Skarranids (A.k.a. Nekrosians).

Rupert's Crossing: A notorious independent free-trade station located approximately four light years from the Xin Quarantine Zone. Rupert's Crossing is the only supply station on the XQZ border and the last point of interstellar service for deep space traders traveling beyond the outer rim of Colonial Alliance space. It is rumored to be under the control of the Khlastan Pirates and a haven for smugglers and illegal salvage operations. 

Ryaden: (Pronounced Rye-a-den) The indigenous name for a planet in the 40 Eridani A Star System in the Milkyway Galaxy that is the homeworld of the Shi'an and the Xin.

Ryaden Totems: Five column shaped structures located at the center of the ruins of Praxem. The Totems are the only known surviving above ground structures on the planet. They are made of an unknown alien material believed to have been brought to Ryaden by the first Shi'an who colonized the planet.

S.C.C.: Spacecraft Construction Contract #: A three letter abbreviated prefix which preceeds a Colonial Space Fleet vessel's registry designation number.

Sensors: A generic term used to describe an array of detection devices used for space travel, exploration, and combat. A typical sensor system will include 3D-Radar, Lidar, Multi-Spectrum Energy Detectors, Particle Detectors, Subspace Field Detectors,  X-Ray Telescopes, and Optical Telescopes.

S.H.G.: Also known as the Sol Hyperspace Gate. An Edon constructed hyperspace jump gate connecting the Sol and Vega system jump points.

Shi'an: (Pronounced She-On) A nearly extinct, highly advanced, conquest driven ancient alien from the 40 Eridani A star sytstem. 

Shi'an Empire: The  deposed and exiled  interstellar government of the Shi'an and their former territories or protectorates.  

Shuttle: (Vehicle) Also known as a Launch.  A small spacecraft used to transport personell, goods, or equipment to and from a planet, space station or another spacecraft. 

Skarranids: Also known as Nekrosians Or Metakons. Skarranids are a dangerous and extremely aggressive race of cybernetically enhanced humanoids who evolved from the surviving Rofara who chose to remain on the planet Skarranis after the outbreak of the alien phage plague.

Skarranis: The indigenous name of a planet located in the 40 Eridani A Star System of the Milkyway Galaxy. Skarranis was the Homeworld of a race of humanoids known as the Rofara who were almost entirely wiped out by a horrific alien plague. 

Skarranis Phage Plague: A devestating viral plaque of alien origin that almost entirely extinguished all indigenous biological life on the planet Skaranis Prime. It is suspected that the Skarranis Phage Plague was a biological weapon that was engineered by the Shi'an.

Sleeper Ship: A common term for  spacecraft or starships which place crewmembers and passengers in cryostasis to conserve space, food, or resources during their journey.

Spacer: A term for a person who lives and works in outer space.

Starship: A spacecraft capable of interstellar travel.

STL: "Slower Than Light". A term used in reference to travel that occurs below the speed of light.

Stutter Jump: Stutter jumping is a navigational term used to describe a method of plotting a Hyperspace jump through several smaller interconnected jumps that reduces a starship crew's expsure to hyperspace.

Sub-Light: (See S.T.L.), Also refered to as Sub-luminal travel. Travel at velocities slower then the speed of light.

System Flight License: Also referred to as an Interplanetary Flight License or Status. A regulatory license issued by the United Colonial Alliance certifying pilots and navigators as qualified to operate  spacecraft capable of interplanetary flight within a solar system. 

System Compliance Certificate (SCC): A regulatory certification issued by the United Colonial Alliance which permits an interplanetary spacecraft to operate without supervision or inspection within Colonial Space. 

System Ship: The common term for a spacecraft not capable of interstellar travel or designed to operate with the boundaries of a solar system. 

Tal Clan: One of the five Xin clan castes created by the Shi'an. The Tal  are recognizable by their pale green to bright green colored skin.

T.D.F.: Terran Defense Forces. Established by the Tycho Accords Treaty, the TDF is a multi-national security service which provides treaty enforcement, peace keeping, law enforcement, and solar system security and defense operations.

Tranquility Colony: A mining colony operated six months a year by Langstrom Industries under the moon's surface.

Transversable Wormhole: A topological feature of space time that connects two separate points in space. In essence a tunnel through space time that allows the passage from one point to another. Some advanced alien cultures have developed the ability to use transversable wormholes as a means of FTL travel.

Tycho Accords: A diplomatic treaty granting sanctuary to Xin refugees in the Sol System  and establishes diplomatic boundaries, colony administration, trade agreements, and scientific exchange protocols. The treaty also prohibits the pressence of  Xin warships and weapons inside the boundaries of the Sol solar system without prior authorization and close supervision.

U.C.A.: United Colonial Alliance.  A multi-national organization responsible for the administration and protection of Earth's off world colonies.

U.E.U.: Universal Energy Unit. A standard unit of measure for energy that is produced or stored in an electrical generator, capacitor, or battery.

V.H.G.: Also known as the Vega Hyperspace Gate. An Edon constructed hyperspace jump gate connecting the Vega and Sol system jump points.

Xin: (Pronounced Zin) A nomadic race of biomechanoids engineered by the Shi'an as soldiers and labor.

Xin Refugee Cluster: Term used to describe the Xin refugee colony lunar space stations. Traders and Freighter Captains who frequent these stations refer to them affectionately as the "Projects" or "Trailer Parks" in reference to 20th century low cost housing communities.

Xin Confederation: The democratic representative government of the XIn which is adminstered by the Xin Clan Council.

Xin Database:  Also referred to as the Xin Archives. A term used to describe the collective historical records of the Xin's interstellar encounters and experiences.

X.O.: Executive Officer. In the Colonial Space Fleet the Executive Officer (X.O.) is the ranking officer second in command to the Captain or Command Officer of a base, space station, or spacecraft.  

X.Q.Z.: Xin Quarantine Zone. A hazardous region of space one light year in diameter surrounding the planets Ryaden and Skarranis which is known to be saturated with harmful radiation, debris, and un-exploded munitions left over from the Great War.

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