Titan Rising Time Line

Presented here is a brief time line of significant events that have occurred in the Titan Rising Universe. Please note that some of the events have been abbreviated in an effort to conserve space.

1947: The report of a alien spacecraft crash landing near Roswell,

          New Mexico is investigated by the United States military. (Future

          analysis of the reports will later determine that the debris found

          at the crash site is consistent with Shi'an technology).

1955: (Earth Year) Beginning Of The Great Xin War Of Independance

          Against the Shi'an on the Planet Ryaden.

1958: United States Air Force Captain Henry Morgan encounters an

           unidentified disk shaped aircraft while on air defense patrol. 

           All records of the encounter were sealed and classified

           ultra-top secret. Some historians speculate  that this

           mysterious aircraft may have been a Shi'an scout ship. 

1976: Monoliths and structures observed on the surface of Mars by the

          Viking space probe. (These structures are later discovered to

          have been built by the Edon).

1996: United States Space Shuttle Columbia Mission STS-80 captures

          video footage of possible alien space craft explosion.

2025: United States lauches first ion plasma powered space probe.

2077: Langstrom Industries is founded in the United States and becomes

          a major producer of aerospace technology.

2153: Langstron Industries develops Earth's first ion drive powered

          long range interplanetary spacecraft. 

2209: Isogen Aero-Space Corporation is founded in Canada. 

2264: Anchorage Observatory detects alien object entering solar system.

          (The object is later discovered to be a Xin starship)

2265: A damaged Xin starship carrying refugees arrives in Earth orbit.

2266: First contact with Xin refugees. The Xin refugees who are fleeing

          a war on their home world request sanctuary in the Sol System. 

2267: Tycho Accords Treaty is signed with the Xin and the TDF is created.

2268: Construction begins on Xin refugee colonies in lunar orbit.

2270: Construction begins on the Anchorage Space Station.

2272: Xin scientific exchange introduces FTL technology to Earth.

2276: Construction of the Anchorage Station is completed.

2277: Isogen Corp. developes Earth's first hyperspace FTL Drive.

2279: Isogen Corp. launches Mars colony expedition.

2281: Isogen expedition establishes permanent colony on Mars.

2282: Langstrom Industries Low Gravity Ship Yard is constructed in

          high Earth Orbit.

2283: Centuaran Developent Corporation "C-Dev" is founded in the

          United States.

2285: C-Dev launches Proxima Centauri colony expedition.

2288: C-Dev establishes Centaurus colony near Proxima Centauri.

2289: The United Colonial Alliance is established to govern the

          administration of Earth's off-world colonies.

2290: The UCA creates the Colonial Space Fleet military service branch.

2291: CSF establishes the Space Fleet Intelligence Service (S.F.I.S.).

2292: C-Dev launches Alpha Centauri colony expedition.

2293: Alpha Centauri expedition is lost, sabotage is suspected.

2294: The UCA creates the CSS Exploration Command tasked with the      

exploration and survey of new worlds that may be suitable for

          future colonization. 

2295: Centauran Trade Guild "GTC" is founded on Centaurus Colony.

2296: Centauran Separatist Movement is founded on Centaurus Colony.

2297: Centauran Separtists incite civil unrest on the Centaurus Colony.

2298: Separatists sieze control of the Centaurus Colony from C-Dev.

          The Space Fleet is dispatched to restore order on the colony.

2299: Separtists attack on Xin Colony #1 starting the Earth-Centauran 


2300: Control of Centaurus restored to C-Dev ending the E-C Conflict.

2301: Colonial Space Fleet Marine Corps is founded.

2307: Colonial Merchant Marine is founded to help protect trade routes.

2331: Joint CSF and Xin expedition to Xin Homeworld.

2333: CSF establishes Xin Quarantine Zone due to military and biological

          hazards left over from the war with the Shi'an.

2337: Isogen Corporation launches Vega colony expedition.

2339: Isogen Corporation establishes Blackrock Colony in the Vega System.

2367: TDF commissions the construction of the Trinity, Prometheus and

           the Hyperion.

2368: "Project Hyperion" events occur. (Trinity & Hyperion Lost).

2374: Starship Prometheus is lost with all hands aboard during a

          training mission when its FTL Drive malfunctions. 

2379: CSF Deep Space Probe Magellan launches from Blackrock Colony on 

          a ten year deep space mapping mission.

2383: CSF Deep Space Probe Magellan makes first contact with the Edon.

2385: Colonial Space Fleet Command begins the Titan Project to develop

          a  new class of Capital starship to protect UCA planets.

2386: Langrey Moore resigns his commission with the CSF for unknown

          reasons and becomes mercenary / pirate for hire.

2387: The Crimson Fleet mercenary guild is founded by Langrey Moore.

2389: "Vandogen's War" events occur.

2390: Fo becomes the first Xin to join the Terran Defense Forces. 

2391: CSF commissions construction of Six Prometheus Class Battleships.

          Three for CSF service and three For TDF service. The first two

          ships constructed are christened the Prometheus and the


2392: Fen Clan scientists secretly reverse engineer a Shi'an mirco drive.

2393: "Tycho Incident" events occur.

2394: "Prometheus Dawn" events occur.

2395: Sasha Ames transfers from the TDF to the Colonial Space Fleet.

2396: Fo transfers from the TDF to the CSF Exploration Command.

2398: The Edon introduce Hyperspace Jump Gate technology to the United Colonial Alliance and assist in the construction of a Gate between the Sol and Vega Systems.

2399: "Trinity" events occur.

2399: Construction of the Edon's Sol Hyperspace Jump Gate is completed.

           The Fen Clan withdraws from the Xin Confederation and forms 

           an alliance with exiled leaders of the Shi'an Empire. Fen Clan

           warships begin raiding colonial shipping lanes and outposts

           disguising their attacks as acts of terrorism or piracy.

2400: After 100 years of peace the Centaurus Colony petitions for

recognition as an independent world and leaves the Colonial Alliance.  

2404: "Corsair" events occur.








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